Safety Release Hooks

Type of Hooks ILR / IRB-C / IRB / IRB-99 see subsection

No sale of new Hook’s, Only Re-tested and Refurbished hook´s are available

The hook has a unique design giving a high degree of operational safety, which resulted in THE SEATRADE AWARD in 1989.

The hook fulfils the rules of IMO resolution 689 and module B of the Directive for release hooks

One person can handle the hook due to low weight and easy operation.

Activating the hook for OFF-LOAD release is done by one hand, the carried equipment is released automatically, when waterborne. The activating force is independent of the weight of the equipment.

The function of the hook is based on two principles:

  1. Holding is based on friction, which means that more weight is more safety.
  2. Loading is a snap system which grips and locks the male part. There is no doubt about whether the loading is safe or not.

The hook has main service intervals of 5 years. After this period it must be re-tested and re-certified to ensure safety at the Manufacturer or an authorised service station.

Safety release hook ILR

Part no. ILR 91-000

Safety release hook for davit launched inflatable life raft.
Weight: Hook=4.3kg (boat part) Male part=2.3 kg (raft part)
ILR 12 NATO stock no 4220-22-259-5825
ILR 21 NATO stock no 4220-22-259-5826

Safety release hook IRB-C

Part no. IRB-C 94-065

Safety release hook for inflatable rescue boats.
Weight: Hook= 4.3kg (crane part) Male part= 2.3kg (boat part)

Safety release hook IRB

Part no. IRB 99-000

Safety release hook for inflatable rescue boats
Weight: Hook=4.3kg (boat part) Male part= 2.3kg (crane part)

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