Remote Activated HRU Systems

Disposable Remote activated HRU Systems

Thanner Disposable Hydrostatic Release Units for Remote Activation are based on the standard disposable HRU range. The standard units are fitted with adaptor enabling remote activation mechanical, electric and pressure.

One unit alone can act as hydrostatic release, remote and manual unit, which simplifies the installation and increase safe operation.

The units have the same approvals as the standard units.

Electric Activation:

The HRU has a pyrotechnic activator, which by limited electric power activates the HRU. The power can be supplied either by batteries or the ships emergency supply system, or both as safety back up. The electrice installation is a standard ships installation like a fire alarm system. The activation can be activated by a control box placed in the wheel house. Two wires are necessary for each HRU. No limits of distance from the control box to HRU’s. Programmed priority of release sequence. Close proximity activation at life raft cradle.

Mechanical Activation:

The HRU has an adapter to which a mechanical connection can be fitted. The mechanical activation could be by a TELEFLEX or MORSE cable or any kind of mechanical connections. This method can be used for limited distances only.

Pressure Activation:

The HRU has an adapter to which a pressure line can be connected. The pressure can be supplied from a gas disposal cylinder or a pressure tank. More units can be activated simultaneously or one unit at a time if fead by individual pressure lines. No limit in distance from control panel to HRU.


DK2010E with Electronic Actuator Part no. 85-170
DK-0200-MarED-210, version 9

Operates independently of life raft buoyancy. One unit only can fulfil the function as a hydrostatic release unit and a remote activated unit, no service requirements. 4 years operational service life for the HRU.  Weight 364g.

4 years/48 months service time after correct installation.

Thanner A/S