Operating head & Cylinder valve

The Thanner range of operating heads are very compact, light and suitable for release of CO2, nitrogen and compressed air at cylinder pressure up to 300bar.

The manual operated release mechanism is depending on of a stored spring force, which activates a penetration knife that penetrates a diaphragm to release the content of a cylinder. Operating heads for remote release by means of mechanical force, gas pressure or electric power, are available.

Operating heads are available with one or two outlets, standard thread is 3/8″ BSP. Alternative threads are available on request.

There are operating heads for SOLAS equipment and for Leisure equipment.

Operating heads for disposable cylinders, are available.

Operating heads for hydrostatic release, are available.

Cylinder valves are available with different threads to suit most types of cylinders and they are available with permanent charge connection, pressure gauge or pressure switch for remote control of gas pressure and with safety relief to the atmosphere. Syphon tubes of different lengths, to ensure safe gas flow are available. Cylinder valves of aluminium are available for low weight applications.

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