Gas Inflation Valve

Thanner gas inflation valves are available for clamping and for fitting into flanges welded or cemented to the fabric. The flanges are available for welding to both PU and PVC. Gas inflation valves are available in brass, nickel plated brass and composite plastic. The composite valve can be replaced from outside without damage of the buoyancy. All valves have an integrated, leak free, non return valve. Different options of connections,such as solid cross head, flexible cross head, straight thread and union are available. Mill specs valves are a part of the range.

Inflation Valve Mark III – Mark 5 – Mark 5/60°

Inflation Valve Mark III
with 14mm crosshead bolt Part no. 005-920
with 3/8″ union Part no. 005-800
with 3/8″ BSP Part no. 005-935
with 10L 60° straight connection Part no. 005-032
with 14mm banjo nipple for flexible hose connection Part no. 005-973

Inflation Valve Mark III

Inflation Valve Mark 5
for clamping Part no. 005-974
with welding flange Part no. 005-982
with rubber flange Part no. 005-016 + 14-031

Mark 5/60° Manifold
with 3/8 BSP union for Clamping Part no. 60-100
with 14mm banjo nipple for clamping Part no. 60-118

Mark 5/60° Manifold

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