Auxiliary Valves

Inflate-deflate and transfer valves are available for clamping and for fitting into flanges welded or cemented to the fabric. The flanges are available for welding to both PU and PVC. The main parts of the valves are made from POM. The function of the valve is similar to a non return valve, with very low opening pressure.

Topping up valve for clamping OTTC-45 Part no. 45-042
Topping up valve with welding flange OTTW-45 Part no. 45-043

Topping up valve

New Topping up valve for clamping with M28x1,5 OTTC-45 Part no. 45-029

Topping up valve

Deflate Nipple Part no.45-100
Inflate Nipple with nut Part no. 45-098

Deflate Nipple

Inflate Nipple with snap coupling for easy switching Part no. 45-103
between Inflate/deflate connection to pressure control measuring

Pressure Relief valve OTS-65

Thanner Swiveling section assembly unit

Design protection

Thes units allow production and testing of individual inflated sections. Sections can afterwards be connected by means of these units, which allows rotations/adjustment between the sections. The assembly unit can be fitted with none return valve as on option.

Part no. 14-154 is delivered as one unit, to screw into flanges of the section. At assembly of the sections the unit is screwed into the flanges.

Thanner Section Assembly Unit for flanges
with out none return valve Part no. 14-154
Assembly unit not fitted.

Thanner Section Assembly Unit for flanges

Assembly unit 14-154 between two sections.

Inflate/deflate valve

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