Leisure Rafts system

Operating head DK99

Thanner inflation systems for leisure rafts. The cylinder assembly comprise the cylinder adapter with penetration diaphragm and siphon tube for CO2 gas and the operating head DK99. All made from brass and available with or without nickel plating. The cylinder adapter is avaiable with a primary safety disc, venting to the atmosphire. The DK99 is available with one or two outlets to match the actual inflation system. Further more versions with vacuum clamping facilities are available. The system is approved to ISO 15738 to handle CO2, N2 and compressed air up to 300 bar. To release the DK99 a pull of app. 100 N is required in directions 360° round and 0-90° in line. The DK99 can be connected
to the inflation valves either via high pressure hoses or to a manifold of inflation valves.

Approval: FDC-Thanner-ISO 15738-009

DK99S-1×3/8″ BSP Part no. 99-015

DK99S-2×3/8″ BSP Part no. 99-000

DK99-2×3/8″ BSP Part no. 99-078

DK99S-V-1×3/8″ BSP Part no. 99-021/99-058 for vacuum clamping

DK99S-V-2×3/8″ BSP Part no. 99-160/99-058 for vacuum clamping

Operating head DK99

Cylinder adapter DK99S

The new ISO/TPED approved cylinder adapter DK99S is made from brass and holds the standard Thanner membrane holders also used in the DK94/ Compact series. This cylinder adapter can also be used for DK94. Membrane holders suitable for cylinder chargings up to 300bar available from stock.

Approvals: FDC-Thanner-ISO 15738-010 rev 06 / TPED number: 0200 -TPED – 04902

For the design Thanner A/S has used the standard DS/EN 17871.

Examinations have been carried out as stated below, and the results have been found to meet the relevant requirements of the TPED and ADR2017.

PART NO. 99-122

Cylinder adapter with syphon tube for Co2 chargings

Part no. 99-128

Cylinder adapter for compr. Air and N2 chargings

Part no. 60-118

Manifold for Clamping with 3/8″ BSP Union Part no. 60-100 with 14mm banjo

Inflations System Mark 5/ 60°

Part no. 005-974

Inflation mark 5 for banjo

Inflation valve Mark 5

Pressure Relief/transfer valve
OTS-65 for clamping Part no. 65-043
OTW-65 with welding flange Part no. 65-044
OTW-65 without welding flange Part no. 65-051
Welding flange PU Part no. 14-028
Welding flange PVC Part no. 14-077

Pressure Relief valve OTS-65

Pressure Relief / Transfer valve
OTS-45 for clamping Part no. 45-000
OTW-45 without welding flange Part no. 45-010
Welding flange PU Part no. 14-019
Welding flange PVC Part no. 14-027

pressure relief ots45

PART NO. 45-042

Inflate/deflate valve

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